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The Power of Nature`s Resources

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With Marvelzap for Business dealership services can deliver a seamless experience for their customers by offering 100% organic, allergen free sanitizing and odor removal service, while performing operations through parts and service. More and more OEM services adapting the CR technology to help widen current offerings, with the target to increase efficiency, optimize cost and catalyze a superior customer experience.

Dealer Services use Comfort Robot Technology for:

  • Performing semi annual santizing treatments.    Recommended by health authorities, delivered for customers for an optimized experience.
  • Eliminate the need of sublet services. OSHA approval for in service bay use. Easy automated use for technicians while other service works are performed on the vehicle.
  • The use of CR will deliver benefits in these business segments. Profitability, Customer Retention, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Loyalty

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The dry Marvelzap  Bark organic scent atomizer. Active for every treatment.