The Comfort Robot
Green Automotive Technology

What does the Marvelzap Green Auto Comfort Robot deliver to all vehicle users?

Practical: Based on multiple researches, the appropriate disinfection of  surfaces and equipment that interact with motorists are periodically necessary in order to sanitize and reduce infection exposure. With the Comfort Robot (CR), technicians can carry out the cogent-automated interior hygiene/odor removal treatment while car being  fully in turned-off mode. These treatments are performed with organic trioxygene gas without any chemicals, leaving no chemical residues. The Comfort Robot features several automated subject oriented treatment programs depending on the vehicle condition. As a result, Comfort Robot enables your technician to operate and deliver hygiene/odor treatments in 35 minutes, with precision and control, giving a pathogen free passenger area for the intended vehicle.

Important: The Comfort Robot is equipped with built in trioxygene carulite neutralizer, enriched with  low volume organic scent.  These features are enabling the shop to use the CR in the service bay while other type of work is preformed and eliminating the needed passenger area air-out process. By owner of the car a pleasanscent of the interior will be much appreciated.

Safety: CR represents the latest in hygiene and automation technology, while meeting all OSHA and EU-OSHA worker safety guidelines. We conduct traditional in-depth technical studies, outcomes research, and utilize real world evidence (RWE) data. Hygiene treatment results have been verified by accredited laboratory. There is no health or material related risks that are specific to the Comfort Robot treatment procedure.